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Kristina Mathews | It’s Obviously Not JUST a Game
Author Guest / July 9, 2014

I’m a sports fan. Anyone who follows me on Twitter already knows this. Sometimes, I get a little too passionate about my teams. Okay, I get way too passionate about my teams. Like when the Giants won the World Series in 2010 and again in 2012. Or when Matt Cain pitched a perfect game and my father-in-law called me up to celebrate over the phone together. Then I called my husband, who was in Hawaii for work, to share the news. Is it wrong I was kind of glad I didn’t go with him? I still remember the Nevada football game against Weber State. Greatest comeback ever. Ok, so it’s been 20+ years, there may have been bigger comebacks, but that was the best. It was really cold in Reno that day, and we were down 35 points at the half. The students who’d stuck around were chanting “Five more touchdowns.” Then “Four more touchdowns.” Then “Three more …” and then we were thinking Holy smokes we might actually pull this off. The Wolf Pack ended up winning 55-49 and I have never willingly left a game early ever since. Except for the one Giants baseball game we took my…