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Spotlight on Laura Heffernan
Author Spotlight / October 23, 2017

Dear Reader, Have you ever found yourself in a rut? Felt trapped? Jen’s fresh out of college, expecting that the world is her oyster, only to find that oysters are pretty slimy. Life started out okay, but things fell apart quickly, leaving Jen unemployed, single, and on the verge of homelessness. To top it all off, she’s suffocating under medical bills it’ll take decades to pay off. Then Jen gets a call, letting her know she’s been chosen to appear on a reality show she barely remembers trying out for back. The show comes with a total break from real life, with a $250,000 grand prize to the winner. And it also comes with a very good-looking fellow contestant… When my best friend Stephanie emailed me several years ago, suggesting we try out for a new reality show together, I never dreamed we’d wind up here. My inner introvert won, and I didn’t try out that day, but she did. When she was cast, I threw myself into supporting her, helping her gain the votes needed to stay on the series each week. My lifetime love of reality shows finally had a purpose. When I decided it was high time…