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Laura Spinella | Psychic’s Handbook of Pros and Cons
Author Guest / October 24, 2017

Fingers crossed that GHOST GIFTS is the lightning followed by FORETOLD‘s thunder—that’s hopeful author code for book two in my psychic-inspired trilogy. GHOST GIFTS is Book One, the story of Aubrey Ellis, a newspaper reporter with a psychic gift. All Aubrey wants is a normal life. The dead beg to differ. In GHOST GIFTS, Aubrey learns to live with abilities that are sensory related—sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell serve as integral pathways to how she perceives the dead and the messages they bring. FORETOLD, Book Two, takes place a decade later and delves further into the mysteries of Aubrey’s supernatural talents. They’re facets Aubrey never knew existed—at least not until she’s accused of terrorist-type incident. FORETOLD is off to a fast start as we find Aubrey being questioned by the FBI in the wake of an explosion in Boston’s Prudential Tower—an event linked to a sudden manifestation of her psychic gifts. Instead of merely communicating with the dead, Aubrey receives a ghostly forewarning of the lethal blast. Ghosts who can predict the future are an unwelcome unknown, especially since Aubrey is already in crisis mode dealing with her estranged partner, Levi St John, and their twelve-year old son, Pete….