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Lauren Blakely | Men in Uniform
Author Guest / September 9, 2014

One of the immutable truths of romance fiction is this — men in uniform are undeniably sexy. Doesn’t matter if the man is a soldier, a sailor, a cop, or a fireman. The uniform is like a catnip to many women, myself included. Especially a fireman’s uniform. Be it the navy blue T-shirts, the beige turnouts, or the dress uniform — all are hot in novels and in real life. I’ll be the first to admit that I stare unabashedly when we drive past the firehouse that’s one-quarter miles away from our home. (By the way, have I mentioned how awesome it is that we live near a firehouse? BECAUSE IT IS! It is equally awesome that the men are often seen drinking coffee at the nearby coffee shop, providing yet another opportunity for ogling as I run my morning errands.) And since I know I’m not the only woman who loves a fireman, that’s why I chose to write about hot firemen in my Fighting Fire series that includes BURN FOR ME and my newest release MELT FOR HIM. But what is it about firemen in particular that can cause such jaw dropping and neck craning on the part…