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MK Moore | Top Five Favorites About the 425 Madison World
Author Guest / April 21, 2020

Hi! MK here! I had so much fun writing Let Me Stay. I am so ready for it to be out in the world because I can’t wait for readers to read it. Let Me Stay loosely connects with my novellas Mobbed Up Love, Don’t You Know, and Don’t You See. I love writing mobster with a heart! Thanks for having me here, Fresh Fiction! My favorite neighbor in the 425 Madison building: Gwen from Must Love Coffee by Leigh Lennon; she is totally awesome! My favorite mode of transportation around NYC: The Subway for sure!  My favorite or must-see NYC landmark: Times Square! It has that “bright lights, big city” vibe that I love! My favorite thing about “city” life: The different types of food that are pretty available 24/7! My favorite thing about being a part of the 425 Madison world: I love being a part of this series because of the writer friends I’ve gained. I also love the atmosphere 425 Madison provides. So many different kinds of stories to be told there. — COMMENT TO WIN: What’s your favorite thing about where you live? Tell us in the comments and you’ll be entered to win a…