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Lia Davis | A Diverse World of Shifters
Author Guest / January 8, 2015

Shifters are fast becoming my favorite paranormal beings. I love the protectiveness, possessiveness, and the compassion for family. I also love the mixture of human and animal qualities inside one person, the internal struggle for control, and the primal instincts. I’m a cat person, so I tend to lean toward the felines of the shifter worlds. But I also like a HOT werewolf, or two, or three. When I set out to develop my own shifter world, I wanted the best of both the cat and dog worlds. That was when I came up with Ashwood Falls. Two Packs must depend on each other to survive and fight against their enemies—a rogue Pack called Onyx. The wolves and leopards came together to form one den and community where their people can rebuild their lives after the attacks that nearly destroyed them. So why two different Packs that are opposites and generally don’t mix well? Because I like tension and conflicts in my story lines, and I get to explore the differences between the wolves and the leopards. I also get to watch the Packs grow and strength together as the series develops. I believe they can learn from one another….