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Anne Harper | Title Challenge: LIKE A BOSS
Author Guest / April 20, 2021

Hi, y’all! My name is Anne Harper and I’m here to dote on my newest book in the Accidentally Viral series, LIKE A BOSS, by doing the Title Challenge! This book is filled with shenanigans, opposites attracting, and the relatable oopsie daisies after realizing you’ve already kissed your new boss! Let’s get it! L is for Love. Which Antonella “Nell” Bennett is D-O-N-E with after not being someone else’s “the one.” I is for Incident. The same one that took Nell from just a normal, frustrated young woman to a viral sensation within a day. K is for Kiss. The one she shared with a handsome stranger who was just trying to save her from herself. E is for Embarrassed. The feeling Nell landed on when she realized that the stranger she shared an impulsive kiss with is none other than her new boss. * A is for Arbor Bay, Alabama. AKA the small town that is currently eating up the quiet newcomer, Nell’s new fame, and the gossip that both are generating. * B is for Boss. Something that Quinn Hannigan is trying to remind himself that he is every time he catches himself thinking about Nell in a…