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Liliana Hart | How To Meet And Marry A Real Life Romance Hero
Author Guest / May 25, 2017

I should probably start off with the caveat that I can’t guarantee your Happily Ever After, even if you follow my super awesome instructions word for word. Because…well…because of something I like to call men. They’re unpredictable at times. Especially the alpha ones. Am I right, ladies? My husband likes to tell his own version of our love story to strangers and acquaintances alike. Most special ops alphas have a unique personality. It takes some getting used to. I’ll intersperse his version with the truth below. Choose Your Mark HIS VERSION: I met my husband in a class I took about police procedural stuff. The details aren’t important because I don’t even remember what he was talking about. All I could focus on were his rippling muscles and the tight tshirt he wore. And as soon as he mentioned the fact that he had a PhD, in anthropology of all things (how sexy is that?), then I was basically a puddle in my desk. I decided then and there that he would be mine. He was also a Chief of Police, had been a SWAT cop for 16 years, and had worked undercover for 12 years. TRUTH: I did meet…