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Fresh Pick | BEST WISHES ALWAYS by Lucy Finn
Uncategorized / January 3, 2010

July 2009On Sale: July 7, 2009Featuring: Larrie Smith; Jo304 pages ISBN: 0451227492EAN: 9780451227492Paperback$6.99 Romance Paranormal Buy at Best Wishes Always by Lucy Finn Falling in love takes a certain bit of magic. Wishes come true for fans of paranormal romance A charming new novel by the author of If Wishing Made It So Ever since her fiancé died, Larrie Smith, owner of Sparrow’s Nest Antiques and Fabulous Junque, has been unable to let go of the past. Instead, she fills her hours with precious collectibles and priceless memories. But when she lucks into an irresistible estate sale, she can’t believe her good fortune—or the surprising detour her life is about to take. For starters, among her acquisitions is an oil lamp—complete with a handsome genie named Jo, who offers Larrie three wishes. One is mean to protect her from the charming and dangerous moves of an unscrupulous antiques dealer. Another points the way to unexpected romance. And the third? Well, that’s up to the stars—and a genie who’s determined to prove to Larrie that what’s happening to both of them is far better than any fairy tale. Previous Picks Visit to learn more about books and authors.