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Luke Wordley | It’s 4:42 in the Morning
Author Guest / June 6, 2014

I’m sitting outside a conference hall somewhere in the middle of England. The birds are beginning their dawn chorus and a hint of light is appearing in the gloom. I’d like to pretend I rise at this time every morning, to sit and meditate deeply on my Bible and to contemplate greater things before starting my two-hour morning work-out. But the fact is – I never get up at this time of day, and I rarely do any of the above before….well, ever, really. I just think I had a little too much cheesecake last night. Weird dreams, an uncomfortable bed and the sub-conscious knowledge that this guest blog should have been with my publisher yesterday combined to thoroughly mess up my sleep. But maybe excitement had a little to do with it too. My debut novel, The Fight, launched yesterday in the UK.  It’s a wondrous moment for any writer when their first-born book is published. The culmination of years (ten in my case) of toil, breakthrough, dreams and self-doubt offer a heady mix of thankfulness and pride. And to get highly positive reviews and congratulations from people who are not obliged to be nice to you is, for…