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Lydia Kang | Love in the Unlikeliest of Places—A Deserted Island
Author Guest / November 25, 2017

Can you imagine falling in love on a deserted island? Maybe there’s a golden, sandy beach, peach-colored sunsets, margaritas, not a single grain up your bikini bottom, and a shrimp cocktail waiting for you somewhere… Wait. This isn’t really realistic, is it? How did you get there? How will you get off? Did you bring sunscreen? What will you do when you get third degree burns, or run out of fresh water, or get hungry after all the shrimp is gone? Who’s going to kill that coconut crab that’s bigger than your head and wants to eat you too? Aren’t there sharks out there somewhere??? These are the things I think of when considering to write about falling in love on a deserted island. I actually did this—and the book is entitled The November Girl (Entangled Teen, out November 7th). But it wasn’t on a beautiful Caribbean island, or in Bali, for that matter. I chose a less inviting island. Isle Royale, on Lake Superior. Okay, it sounds pretty sweet. But Isle Royale is a beast. It’s hard to get to (you need to take a 2-6 hour ferry ride just to get there). There are no roads, or cars,…