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M.K. Schiller | My Favorite Time-Travel Movies
Author Guest / September 20, 2019

I love romance, but my second favorite genre has to be science fiction, specifically speculative fiction like time travel and alternate realities. In my new book, Lost Years, the hero travels many miles in search of the girl he loves. I love the paradox of these storylines. Here are my top five favorite time travel movies. Have I forgotten any? Do you agree with my list? Do you love or love to hate these movies? 5) Back to the Future: who can resist a classic? In this eighty’s comedy, Michael J Fox accidently travels back to the fifties in a custom time machine. He happens to run into his teenage mother, who ends up crushing on him. Once you get over the ick factor, it’s a really cute story. 4) Time Cop: Another oldie but goodie. A police officer who travels through time to stop a shady politician? Yep, I said it. I imagine one of the biggest issues with time travel is the money-making opportunities. If only I’d known how huge Apple or Microsoft were going to be and I’d invested a few thousand. If you could go back in time would you risk it? 3) About Time: this…