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Maggie Mae Gallagher | Hooked on a Feeling
Author Guest / September 25, 2014

In RUPTURED, Alana must face more than demon platoons marching upon her home. She confronts what she wants for her life versus what the Council deems her role should be for the continuation of the human race. The close interactions with her squad and the man chosen to be her mate created intense interactions. Our passions are what drive us along with our ability to choose our destiny. What would we do if that freedom was taken from us? How would that shape our world view? Alana faces these issues as her world crumbles around her. Enjoy this excerpt from RUPTURED “Breeder.” That word. The one thing I had attempted to escape my whole life. The dull gray walls of the Densare Council rang with impunity. I glanced around at the thirteen members, each sitting rigidly upon a stone chair that looked more like a small throne with intricately carved Celtic symbols paying tribute to a bygone era. They always reminded me of Celtic tombs. The Densare Council ruled our world with an iron fist of justice created in the fiery destruction of the Mutari. When the Mutari hit Earth eighty-three years ago, mankind had been caught with their pants down…