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Margarita Montimore | My Top 5 Books with Unreliable Narrators
Author Guest / February 19, 2018

There’s something I find fascinating about main characters you can’t trust. Whether they’re amnesiacs, liars, or some degree of delusional/mentally off-kilter, an unreliable narrator will keep you guessing up until the end. And they’ll make you question their version of reality. Such is the case with Astrid O’Malley, the protagonist of my debut novel, ASLEEP FROM DAY, who finds herself exploring strange corners of Boston as she tries to recover one lost—but pivotal—day of her life. Here are some other books I recommend featuring unreliable narrators: BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP by S.J. Watson: I’m a sucker for a good amnesia story, and this is one of my favorites. Every day Christine wakes up with zero recollection of who she is. She relies on a journal and help from a doctor and her husband to piece together her memories and identity, but as she discovers more about her past, things take a more sinister turn. THE RAW SHARK TEXTS by Steven J. Hall: Another great amnesia tale, but this one takes lost memories to odd and marvelous places. Eric also wakes up not knowing who he is, and follows a trail of paper clues written by his pre-amnesia self. Is…