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Marina Myles | Hero Interview: Vicomte Jean-Daniel Girard
Author Guest / February 17, 2015

My name is Marina Myles and I’m the author of the Cursed Princes romance series with Kensington. My fairy tale retellings are hot, a bit twisted, and feature immortal Prince Charmings who aren’t always “good”! During this interview, you’ll meet le vicomte Jean-Daniel Girard, hero of my fourth novel CINDERELLA AND THE GHOST. He’s a mysterious ghost who can beguile and hypnotize all kinds of women with one stare. Ironically, he wants only one girl…Ella Benoit. They met long ago, when Jean-Daniel wasn’t trapped inside his portrait and Ella wasn’t the orphaned inheritor of Château de Maincy, Jean-Daniel’s sprawling, French estate. Interview with the Ghost Q: I’ve never held a Q & A with a ghost. What do you want to tell us about being an apparition, Monsieur Girard? A. It is a very lonely existence. With nothing to do but pass the time, a ghost dwells on what used to be. Personally, I fixate on Ella. With her golden hair, firm curves, and lapis-blue eyes, she is gorgeous. Yet, her heart is kind and true. That makes her my dream girl. Q: Since you two were connected in the past, would you like to be reunited in present day? A:…