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Melanie Hansen | Title Challenge: TRUSTING A WARRIOR
Author Guest / November 16, 2020

Hi, everyone! Thanks for joining me today to celebrate the release of TRUSTING A WARRIOR, the third book in my Loving a Warrior series! Each book stands alone, but all are interconnected, and I think Geo and Lani’s story in TRUSTING is my favorite. Geo is a SEAL K9 handler who’s grieving the loss of his mentor and friend. Lani’s just gone through a painful breakup with her childhood sweetheart. Together they find understanding, healing, and of course love. If you want to read about a Navy SEAL who lets himself be vulnerable, a woman who takes charge of her own future, plus one badass military working dog, then TRUSTING A WARRIOR is for you! T is for a tactical mission, the one where the dog saves your life. R is for realizing that sometimes you can’t do it alone. U is for understanding that healing takes time. S is for seeing your own worth. T is for trusting your instincts. I is for the inner strength you didn’t know you had. N is for Navy SEALs aren’t superheroes, no matter how much they’d like to think they are. G is for good dog! * A is for always loyal,…