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Melissa Chambers | Top Ten Reasons to Fall for the Nerdy Hero
Author Guest / July 11, 2017

He’s clueless about clothes and probably won’t care if you want to buy him your own and dress him how you like. And then you get to see him go from nerdy sheik to hot damn! He’s not a ladies’ man, so you probably won’t find his eyes wandering. Since he may not date as much as the big man on campus, he will likely love you for who you are and appreciate you…especially when you wear that cute miniskirt. You can geek out with him and have an excuse to go see all the Star Wars and Star Trek movies you want without your cool factor being put in question. He’ll be able to keep up with you intellectually. He’s definite marriage material, what with the super brain power and all. He’s guaranteed to land a great job (if he doesn’t already have one). So you know you’ll never have to support him. He can fix your laptop when it goes dead. He won’t care about sports, so you’ll get to pick the games you want to watch on Saturdays and Sundays. And maybe you can teach him a thing or two about football and basketball. You finally have…