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Michele Pariza Wacek | 5 Reasons Why We Love Ghost Stories + Giveaway!
Author Guest , Giveaways / July 1, 2019

Who doesn’t love an old fashioned ghost story? Whether it’s something scary on Halloween or a frightening tale told late at night sitting around a campfire, ghost stories have been around for as long as humans have been telling stories. In fact, I’m such a fan of ghost stories I created a whole series “Secrets of Redemption” that combines the psychological thriller genre with a haunted house. (Because who doesn’t love a haunted house? Except … is the house even haunted? Hmmm.) And, to celebrate the launch of the 3rd book The Evil That Was Done in my award-winning “Secrets of Redemption” series, I thought I’d dive into the question of why ARE we so obsessed with ghosts. Below are five reasons to help explain our ghostly fascinations: 1. Overall, stories provide a safe container for us to feel our emotions. So many of us spend our lives trying to push our uncomfortable emotions away (such as sadness and worry and shame), or numb them or run away from them or whatever it takes to not feel them. The problem with that is if we aren’t feeling our difficult emotions, we also aren’t feeling our joyful, happy emotions. And, as…

Michele Pariza Wacek | Top 5 Reasons Why Mixed-Genre Novels are Best
Author Guest / November 28, 2018

Before I was an author, I was a reader. I read A LOT of books over the years. (In fact, I taught myself to read at 3 years old because I wanted to write stories so badly.) And, one of the things I began to realize is I preferred books that mixed genres over just a single “pure” story. I’m also of the belief that I’m not alone. Look at the popularity of certain mixed genres categories. (Romantic suspense anyone?) So, as an author who has taken mixing genres to a whole new level (my current Secret of Redemption series combines psychological thriller, mystery, romance, paranormal and even a touch of women’s fiction) I thought I’d share my top 5 reasons why mixed genres are best. 1. There’s a little something for everyone. No matter what sort of story you prefer (romance, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi) in a mixed-genre book, you’re more likely to find something you like. Better yet, in a mixed genre book, even if you’re not crazy about one of the genres, you may still like the book because you like the other storylines. 2. Less chance of boredom. So, it may just be me, but one storyline…

Author Reader Match | Michele Pariza Wacek
Author Guest / September 17, 2018

WRITES: I write psychological thrillers that include romance (is romantic psychological thrillers a thing? If it is, that’s what I’m writing) plus a dash of paranormal. Basically what I love to explore is the idea of “things are not as they seem.” Is it a haunting? Or is there something else going on? Or … could it be both? My latest book IT BEGAN WITH A LIE is a perfect example of a few of my fave things coming together as it includes a haunted house (that may not be haunted) in a creepy “Twins Peak” like town with a love triangle just to spice things up. ABOUT AUTHOR: I taught myself to read at 3 years old because I wanted to write stories so badly. I’m a voracious reader of all types of genres (which is likely why I love nothing more then genre bending in my own books). I grew up in Wisconsin (and, so far, all of my books have take place there) but now live in the mountains of Arizona (and one day I hope to have a book take place here) with my hubby of twenty-plus years (!) and southern squirrel hunter, Cassie. WHAT I’M…