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Michelle M. Pillow | Magick, Mischief & MacGregors
Author Guest / June 5, 2014

“Do not pay attention to my cousins. Every family needs a couple idiots and we keep them around for entertainment.” – Rory MacGregor, LOVE POTIONS To me, family is one of the most important things in my life. So, it only makes sense that I love writing stories where families are a big part of the character’s life. With the MacGregor clan, family is everything—so much so that many of them live in the same mansion. These guys (and woman, sorry Malina) bring a lot of fun elements to the table. Yes, they are sexy Scottish warlocks who are practically immortal. I mean, how can a writer resist a hot guy in a kilt with a knee-weakening accent? The MacGregors will literally die, or kill, to protect each other. Add to that familial bond magickal abilities and centuries worth of mischievous history, and you have some very funny situations. “Ya were going to turn me into a rat? Had I known that I wouldn’t have tried to turn ya into a snake.”- Iain MacGregor, LOVE POTIONS The MacGregor siblings and cousins have been using their magick to prank each other since they were children. I won’t give everything away, but…