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Amy J. Fetzer | The Challenge of Writing a Series
Uncategorized / May 1, 2009

Jack of all trades… A master of none? Well not quite. I don’t consider myself a master of anything, even writing novels. Each one is challenge. I’ve written 36 books in about five subgenres of romance; Historical, historical time travel & paranormal, Desires, Intrigues, even a Bombshell, but my favorite to date is my romantic thrillers, Dragon One. The idea for Dragon One arrived in a hotel room at RWA national with my roommate, Maureen Child and one of those black and white speckled notebooks. Writing about Marines had to wait until my husband retired, otherwise, the Public Affairs Office had to read and approve anything I wrote. Not going to happen. Yet being the daughter, wife and mother of Marines, the advantage of living around predominantly men my entire life is I know them. I’m not saying I’ve figured men out, but I understand how military men will react to the most common events. The rest, I make it up. It doesn’t hurt to sleep with your source, either. =) Click to read the rest of Amy’s blog, comment and enter her blog contest. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

David Rollins | I, prescient.
Uncategorized / March 17, 2009

Hi there, What can I tell you about my latest book, A Knife Edge, that you won’t get from reading it? When I was writing the book in 2004-05, the conflict in Afghanistan was well and truly on the back burner. The US military was heavily engaged in Iraq and the ‘gan had receded from the public consciousness. There were a few hot battles, like the one at Tora Bora, after which everyone seemed to pack up and go home. History told me the Taliban was too easily pacified and that, like a virus, they would come back stronger. A Knife Edge was written with this view in mind. If the West had to go back into that country again, I wondered, would the gloves come off? Would we launch cross-border attacks into Pakistan territory? And if the political situation in Islamabad went pear-shaped, what sort of government could take power there? Click to read the rest of David’s blog and to comment. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Romance / December 21, 2007

First of all, I wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone who happens upon my blog. I’d also like to thank the folks at Fresh Fiction for being so gracious and supportive of my debut novel, “Love Leaves No One Behind.”I spent several hours contemplating on what my topic of choice would be for this golden opportunity to speak to such a large gathering of readers, and after some heated debating with myself, I decided to do what I do best …and that is to simply just start talking, and see what my heart has to say. A few years ago I decided to try my hand at writing. I knew that my endeavor would challenge my intellect (and most certainly my patience) but I had no idea of the impact it would have on my heart and soul. My story began, believe it or not, as the result of a dream … yes, an actual dream. I remember upon awakening, thinking what a great plot said dream would make for a novel. Convincing myself that attempting to write a book was a grand idea, I set about the daunting task of creating my characters…