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Marie Harte | Marines Do It Best
Author Guest / January 22, 2019

I’ll just admit it. I have a thing for a man in uniform. Having spent several years in the U.S. Marine Corps, I have a slight bias for Marines in general. And I love putting that service spin on my characters. In the Movin’ On series, the heroes (and a heroine!) are veterans. And not just Marines, which made the story even more fun. There’s something magical that happens when you group together people from different armed services—they talk a lot of smack. At the gym, Reid and his brother, Cash, are getting help from a fellow Marine and trainer (Gavin): “Reid, that’s pathetic,” Gavin said. “Lift like you got a pair, man. Or do you want people to think you were in the Air Force?” Next to them, an older man frowned. “Hey.” “Sorry. I meant the Army.” “What’s the difference?” Cash muttered, and Gavin did his best to calm a different older man down. When writing The Whole Package, I had the Marine Corps stuff pretty much nailed down. The other services I had to research, and I learned some interesting facts. Military Police (MPs) are called different things in the different services. The Marines and Army have…