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Daily Dose | Spotlight on Nancy Holzner
Daily Dose / February 3, 2010

I love Spotlight On weeks, it gives me a chance to really get to know some authors and ask the questions to the things that I really want to know about. Today, we welcome Nancy Holzner. I read DEADTOWN right after Christmas when Nancy and I both participated in BookObsessed’s Zombie New Year’s Eve Bash and the holiday week leading up to it. I really enjoyed reading DEADTOWN. The story includes some unexpected twists and turns as well as embracing some higher fantasy elements and mythology within the modern setting. If you have not read DEADTOWN, you should check it out. In the meanwhile, kick back and get to know Nancy Holzner! Daily Dose: In the early part of the novel, you describe the virus that strikes Boston. The visual and visceral reaction Vicky experiences sucks you right in – why a virus instead of a magical attack? NH: The main reason I chose a virus to create Boston’s zombies was its ambiguity. Was the virus just a weird mutation? An act of biological warfare? Something else? In Deadtown, no one knows, but as the series continues the origins of the virus become important. That is all I had better…