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N.J. Nielsen | The Whys and Whos of Wardens of the Guild
Author Guest / May 31, 2017

First off, thank you for having me as a guest to talk about my book… Wardens of the Guild 2: ALL THAT SHIMMERS. This is a series that I’ve been thought about writing for quite a while before I actually put pen to paper. The characters have always been inside my head just waiting for their chance to be heard, and I must admit Murtagh and Eric were two of the loudest. Jory on the other hand was more of a surprise for me. He kind of snuck up on me and I’m very glad that he did so, because I believe he made the story so much more interesting… but interesting is better, right? In a way ALL THAT SHIMMERS has set the precedence of how the following two stories in the series will be written. The continuing back story will be there throughout each book, as well as them both having their own personal stories to tell, so that the readers can fall in love with the main characters of each book as well. I can’t tell you what they will be about as I never know until I sit down and start writing. I wish I could…