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Melonie Johnson | My HEA Was a Second Chance Romance
Author Guest / June 18, 2019

The third book in my Sometimes in Love series, ONCE UPON A BAD BOY, is a second chance romance. Bo and Sadie, the hero and heroine, are childhood sweethearts who break apart as teens, but fate brings them together again eleven years later. I dedicated this story to my husband. It’s an appropriate choice, since our marriage is the result of a second chance romance. Well, since we broke up twice, it’s technically a third chance romance. But what’s that saying about the third time being the charm? When I met my husband when we were teenagers, like Bo, he was kind of a bad boy himself. A bit of a rebel who had long hair down to his waist and drove a brazen bright yellow car that he would park at wild angles in the back of the mall where we both worked. That lot was always almost empty, he wasn’t a jerk, he just liked to push the envelope on the rules, see what he could get away with. A trait (thank you, karma) our youngest daughter has inherited. Our oldest daughter is sixteen, the same age I was when I began dating my husband. I admit, the…