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Phaedra Weldon | Secondary Heroes
Author Guest / May 15, 2011

I think all writers can agree that characters build as we write. Especially the hero or heroine. But what we don’t always expect is when the secondary characters—or as I like to call them, our secondary heroes—begin to speak louder and demand to be heard. It happens differently for every writer. I can only tell my own experience as it happened to me. And understand, it doesn’t happen with ever book or with every series. The stories of these characters becomes important to the reader, as well as the writer. So much so their voice comes through and they’re no longer shoved to the back of the book, but come forward to the front. And eventually—they get their own show. This is great news for a writer who’s developed a series that readers enjoy. It gives the writer a new path to follow from a different set of eyes, and it fleshes and fills out the back-story of every character within that writer’s universe. For me, it was a persistent character. A character that I used through the series as a dues ex machina. And as my books grew, and I continued to use this secondary hero—I realized I went…