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Lexi Post | Exclusive Interview: A POCKET IN TIME
Author Guest / February 24, 2021

Hi, Lexi! Welcome to Fresh Fiction. Please tell us a little bit about yourself!   Thank you for having me! Let’s see, I’m a romance author, I like to line dance, my own hero is a veteran, former fire chief, and current Coast Guardsman. I’m a native of nowhere but live in Florida at the moment. I have two kittens named Bailey and Whiskey. I make my own ice cream every weekend. I always wear a hat. Did I mention I’m a romance author? I’m a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of romance inspired by the classics and I now have 30 books out. Yay! The Time Weavers Inc. series is such a fun premise! For readers who aren’t familiar, can you set up the series for us and tell us where A POCKET IN TIME fits in?  Oh, I’d love to! Time Weavers, Inc. (TWI) is basically “Quantum Leap” meets “Charlie’s Angels” meets “X-Men.” 🙂  TWI was created by the mysterious Jules who only communicates telepathically with the agents of TWI. Disruptors have been changing history to the detriment of mankind, so the agents go back in history and basically reset history on its original path. The first book…