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Richelle Mead | Writing Pressures
Uncategorized / April 9, 2008

The release of a new book is always a scary thing. The debut novel? Especially terrifying. A new series? Yikes. Nail-biting. Yet, none of these compare to the pressure of when the second book in a series is about to come out… When Vampire Academy was released last fall, I didn’t know what to expect. Adult urban fantasy was where I felt most comfortable; I’d kind of stumbled into YA. Fortunately, Vampire Academy had solid sales early on, which was a huge relief. (When you write full time, you always have the weight of the rent and the grocery bill on you!) But then something else started happening. I started getting fan mail–lots of it. I’d gotten a fair amount of it with Succubus Blues, but nothing like this. And reading through these emails, I discovered something. People weren’t just buying my book; they loved my book. That’s every author’s dream. It was my dream–and is still my dream today. I’ve often said that I don’t need J. K. Rowling fame, so long as I have a large enough group of devoted fans to let me keep writing. I stand by that–only, I didn’t realize how daunting that would end…