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Rhonda Shaw | Most Exciting Play in Baseball ~ Comment To Win
Author Guest / April 11, 2014

On April 14, Carina Press is publishing six brand-new sports romances. Today we’re featuring, THE ACE, by Rhonda Shaw, and talking about what is the most exciting play in baseball. What is the most exciting play in baseball? A walk-off, which snatches a last minute win from the jaws of defeat? The sky-reaching, glorious grand slam home run that clears the bases and instantly adds four runs to the board? The nail-biting suicide squeeze, where a runner takes off from third base before the pitch and is at the mercy of the hitter making contact at home plate? Maybe you prefer the crowd-deafening cheers when a pitcher throws a perfect game or perhaps the stunning catch by an outfielder at the precise moment the ball is cresting over the outfield wall. While all of the above are definitely exciting plays, one in particular stands out, the unassisted triple play. A triple play is not commonplace, even though most major leaguers can pull them off, but more so because the stage needs to be perfectly set in order for the play to succeed. The unassisted triple play, however, where one defensive player gets all three outs himself, is arguably the rarest…