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Roz Lee | Fix or Replace – The Relationship Dilemma
Author Guest / April 22, 2014

We live in a disposable society. Given the abundance of inexpensive products and rapidly changing technology, most people choose to toss out their underperforming items rather than attempt to fix them. Toaster not toasting? Not a problem. There are a dozen or more to choose from at your local department store, or better yet, order one online without leaving your favorite chair. Your shiny new toaster will arrive on your doorstep within days, if not hours. It seems to me, relationships have fallen prey to this same toss and replace attitude, becoming revolving doors of half-hearted attempts at finding and nurturing love. Why bother to diagnose and repair when there’s another potentially less demanding, less stressful, new and untarnished situation around the corner, or better yet, on the internet, just waiting for you to log on? So, what constitutes a relationship worth saving? I’m a firm believer that as long as two (or more) people love each other and still want the same things, then the relationship has a chance of survival. It’s a matter of working together to find a way past the obstacles in the way of happiness. In the real world it’s a sad truth that no…