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Sally Eggert | Trust vs. Passion
Author Guest / March 22, 2014

Okay. Here’s a question for you. It’s one women ask each other all the time, but I’m not sure how often the answers we give can be taken at face value. Maybe that’s because it’s a very personal question, and we reserve the right to keep the whole truth to ourselves. (So don’t answer unless you really want to.) Or maybe it’s because our thoughts and feelings on subjects as tricky as this one are more complicated than we realize sometimes, even in the privacy of our own minds. But here it is: what is most important to you in a relationship? If you had to choose between two extremes, would you go with unflagging trust and reliability, or—I’m gonna say it—really great, commitment-free sex? Josie, the main character of my novel IN THE DARK, starts the story thinking that is roughly the question facing her. Of course there’s a lot more to each of the guys in question than a short phrase can capture—we’re all more complicated than that. But those are their most salient characteristics in Josie’s eyes, and in their interactions with her. So which way does she lean? At first, she tries really hard not to…