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Sara Lindsey | Some Valentine Day Hero Recommendations
Uncategorized / February 12, 2010

I love Valentine’s Day. I love hearts and flowers and chocolates and secret admirers and the color pink. I know Valentine’s Day is generally regarded as a holiday celebrating couples, but I’ve always embraced it as a day to celebrate all the loving relationships in my life. Flying solo on Valentine’s Day used to be a single woman’s nightmare – like being dateless for the prom – but now February 14th is the perfect excuse for a luxurious girls’ night out. But what happens at the end of the evening? Well, whatever your relationship status, as a romance reader you never have to worry about going to bed alone! Using some hero archetypes, here are my picks for your Valentine’s Day book-date – pick one depending on your mood or, if you’re feeling adventurous, cuddle up with them all for a romance read-a-thon… The Professor: There’s something about a man with a big … brain … that always makes my heart beat faster. Just think about those early scenes in Indiana Jones when Harrison Ford is in his tweed suit lecturing about ancient civilizations… whew! Sign me up for study hall! Sara Says: The sexiest professor I’ve come across in…