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Shauna Alderson | Dreaming the Fantastical
Author Guest / March 19, 2020

First of all, thank you to FreshFiction for hosting me on your website’s blog! For this supernatural Thursday, I thought it would be fun to discuss how dreams are used in fiction (especially teen fiction), seeing as dreams are such potent forces. Most of us have had one of the following reactions to a dream: “Thank god that wasn’t real! My heart is pounding.” “Uh, what in the world was THAT about?” “What a brilliant story idea! Let me write that down!” I’m partially joking on the third, but it is true that writers can be highly inspired by dreams and nightmares. As a personal example, part of my debut teen fantasy novel Paragon is based on a nightmare I had many years ago. I was on vacation in a remote cabin with family, but the cabin was full of ghosts that only I could see. Cue a ton of “Don’t you see them? Am I going crazy?” that left me feeling insane even after I woke up. Since dreams are such amazing fodder for writers, it’s no wonder that dream sequences themselves end up in fiction. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how stories can incorporate…