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Jennifer Ryan | Exclusive Excerpt: SISTERS AND SECRETS
Author Guest / June 12, 2020

from SISTERS AND SECRETS by Jennifer Ryan, available for preorder now and available next Tuesday, June 16th!  Chapter Three Heather pulled onto the shoulder and parked the car next to the mailboxes. She checked the car seat behind her and found her daughter, Hallee, still slumbering, her face soft and sweet. Every time she looked at her little girl, she saw a glimpse of the man she’d loved and lost. Cars drove by on the main road. She climbed out and inhaled the slightly salty scent in the air, though they were a ways from the beach. She loved it here in Carmel Valley. So much so, she’d never left. Not like Sierra. She couldn’t imagine all her sister had been through these last weeks. Mom called an hour ago, said she’d heard from Sierra, and asked Heather to stop by after work to talk about Sierra and the boys. She missed her sister. But as much as she wanted to help, she dreaded Sierra’s return. Everyone would start asking questions about Heather’s daughter again. Family. They wanted all the details about your successes and mistakes. Hopefully, Sierra’s troubles would keep them all occupied and off her back. Life had…