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Debbie Wiley | Vampires Have Come a Long Way
Author Guest / June 10, 2021

I don’t remember the first vampire book I ever read, but I do remember the first vampire movie I saw. I didn’t sleep soundly for days after watching Stephen King’s SALEM’S LOT movie. In fact, even thinking about it now, I can still envision those vampires at the window and hear them trying to come inside! The sound still gives me shivers! It didn’t help that I was still young (not even a teenager yet) and my best friend had giant bay windows in the living room where we watched the made for tv movie. As night fell, the windows behind us seemed more and more ominous as I was just certain a vampire or two would come calling for us! After watching the movie,  I of course had to read the book, ‘SALEM’S LOT, and Stephen King’s words were even scarier than that old movie. I devoured all of his books that I could get my hands on, looking for something to grab my attention like the vampires had. And oh, did I love Stephen King’s books… but the vampires came back to bite me again when I discovered Anne Rice and Lestat. INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE took me…

Sara Reyes | Get These Voices Out of My Head!
Saturdays with Sara / May 9, 2009

Buy Your Copy today I was so excited this week, the latest Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire book went on sale, and I got my hands on a copy finally on Friday. So after a nice dinner with the family — no reading at the table, sigh — I was ready to drop all work and settle down for a nice couple of hours of reading enjoyment. Oh, yeah! Everyone knew to leave me alone, it was just me and Sookie, and Bill, maybe Quinn, definitely Eric. It was going to be great. Until… OMG, get Anna Paquin’s whiny voice out of my head! And while you’re at it take her stringy little ponytail and the gap between her teeth, too. She’s too perky for my Sookie. EEEEG. this is so-not-a-good thing! See, I’m one of those who after hearing someone (thing) read a story will forever hear the voice in my head when I read it myself. And mostly it is NOT A GOOD THING. Yeah, I’m shouting. The previous phrase is to be read with much emphasis. Seriously, I do not listen to any audio books I may later read, except for Jim Dale and Harry Potter. Other people…