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Fresh Pick | THE PALLBEARERS by Stephen J. Cannell
Fresh Pick / January 19, 2011

Shane Skully #9 October 2010 On Sale: September 28, 2010 Featuring: Shane Skully 384 pages ISBN: 0312532458 EAN: 9780312532451 Paperback (reprint) $9.99 Add to Wish List Suspense Buy at We miss Stephen! The Pallbearers by Stephen J. Cannell Some secrets go to the grave. Others can\’t be buried. To find the truth about one man’s death LAPD Detective Shane Scully was raised in an orphanage called Huntington House. There, he and a small group of kids were devoted to the home’s director Walter “Pop” Dix. An avid surfer with a larger-than-life spirit, Pop was the father Shane never had. And now, thirty years later, he is gone… The pallbearers will put their lives on the line… Pop is found dead, the victim of an apparent self-inflicted shotgun blast. He left a note naming six Huntington grads as his pallbearers. Shane is one of the chosen—but he doesn’t believe Pop’s death was a suicide. Now, along with the others, Shane embarks on a dangerous mission to unearth Pop’s real killer. But the group discovers an unexpected adversary whose power and influence far exceed anything they could have imagined—violent, dangerous men who are determined to keep the truth about Pop’s death…