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Sara Reyes | Making My List…Checking it ?
Saturdays with Sara / May 23, 2009

Big confession time, shocker isn’t it? But I don’t make reading lists. Gasp! Yup, reading a book is a time of relaxation and to “get away from it all” not something associated with “work” and for me, lists are WORK. BIG CAPTIALS, WORK. What I MUST do, what I should have DONE, what I WILL DO. Get the point? Work. Yuck. Reading now is something entirely different. It’s where I leave everything and go into a different world, with its own set of rules, problems, solutions, characters. It’s definitely not work. So, here’s the problem, I said this weekend’s theme should be “reading lists or books for the summer.” All well and good, after all I can set the tone or theme for a weekend or week or month, but then it means I have to follow it too. SIGH. And I spent Friday thinking about “what am I going to read this summer?” It was dreary and depressing. It was planning it was, omg, WORK!!! So I figured it out, I’d just confess. I don’t do lists. Now, not to say I’m not ‘aware’ of book releases dates, oh dearie me, no! I am very aware because like airline…