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Susan Crandall | Sleep… Is It Really Safe?
Uncategorized / January 12, 2010

I’ve always been curious about the working of the human mind; which has certainly come in handy during my career as a fiction writer. It doesn’t matter how cool your plot is if your characters are acting…well, out of character. I spend a lot of time before I ever start writing a book working on my characters’ backgrounds and psyches. When I began planning my romantic suspense SLEEP NO MORE, I was looking for something that was a deep-seated part of my heroine that could present a danger in itself, as well as lead to danger from external forces. When sleepwalking came to mind, I immediately knew I had just the ticket. The research into sleepwalking made me more certain that I wanted to wrap this book’s plot around it. To read more of SLEEP IS IT REALLY SAFE please click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Susan Crandall | For the Love of a Small Town   
Uncategorized / July 27, 2009

As some of you may already know, I live in the same small Indiana town in which I was born and grew up. Sound like a Mellencamp song? Well, he’s from Indiana, too. I even remember when he was Johnny Cougar. But I digress. It isn’t that I’ve never lived anywhere else. For several years I lived in the Chicago area. But my heart brought me back to Noblesville. This is where I wanted to raise my family. However, while I was away fighting the traffic and the crowds of the city, something happened to the town I left behind. It inched closer to being a suburb. There is still enough farmland in my county to produce a great county 4-H fair. It’s one of the few things that have remained constant throughout my life here. Unfortunately, I missed seeing the baby chicks and ducks and pigmy goats this year because I was out of town. I’ll have to wait an entire year before I can experience it again. I’ve mourned the loss of my small town, but tonight I caught a glimpse of how it used to be. Tonight there was a street dance on the square – a…