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Paige Tyler | My Favorite Scene from WOLF RISING
Author Guest / November 1, 2018

I’ve always been a sucker for that first “cute-meet” scene in a romance story. You know, when the hero and heroine first make eye contact and magic happens? Well, it didn’t quite happen that way in Wolf Rising, Book 8 in the SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series. That’s because werewolf/SWAT Officer Jayden Brooks was too busy that first meeting saving high school teacher Selena Rosa from one of her former students who’d dropped out to join a gang. Brooks had to tackle Selena to the floor to keep her from being shot, which left her a little woozy. At least that seems to be the reason the normally fiery woman is so out of it. Their second meeting in the dayroom of the Dallas SWAT compound was much more “cute-meet.” As you can see from the excerpt below, this second meeting does go well, with lots of banter and sexual chemistry. This scene was so much fun to write because the two characters seemed to hit it off pretty much all on their own. I barely had to work that hard at it. I just put them in a room together and they took it from there.   Excerpt:…