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Victoria Dahl | Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
Uncategorized / January 19, 2009

Victoria Dahl When my agent first asked me to write a straight contemporary romance, I was taken aback. “Me? But I don’t write contemporary.” At that point I was published in historical romance (To Tempt a Scotsman) and distinctly unpublished in paranormal (a vampire trilogy you are unlikely to ever see). My agent was unconcerned. “Your paranormals are sexy and funny and contemporary. I just want you to try it without the vampires.” Order LORDS OF DESIRE Copy today Without vampires? Was she kidding? I find it remarkably easy to come up with story ideas. Paranormals are no problem. There are vampires, for goodness sake. And werewolves. And maybe even sexy superpowers. Conflict? Well, how easy would it be for you to date if you had fangs? There are built-in complications galore! Historicals are even simpler. You can do anything to these people. The heroine can be compromised. She can be held captive by a cruel stepfather. She can be kidnapped by a vengeful pirate. Forced into a marriage of convenience. By God, she can be hidden away in the tower of a dark castle for ten years! And the heroes? They can be dukes or privateers or highwaymen. They…