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Chantal Fernando | Exclusive Excerpt: TEMPER
Author Guest / April 21, 2020

I didn’t really get to speak with Trade on the first night that I met him, because all the members of the MC were there, but tonight it’s just him and his kids having dinner with us, giving a more personal and intimate setting. His son, AJ, is such a bright kid, and with his dark hair tied up in a man bun just like his dad’s, and his long lashes and cute dimpled smile, he is definitely going to be a heartbreaker. “This is so yummy, Uncle Tommy,” he says to Temper, beaming. Trade’s kids are the only ones I’ve ever heard calling Temper by his real name, and it’s a little weird to hear, but also super cute. “Is it? I made it myself,” Temper says to his nephew, grinning. AJ eyes the chocolate cake. “No you didn’t. I bet you bought it at the store. I’ve never seen you bake a day in your life.” “He made me a cake once,” Alia adds, licking the chocolate from her fingers. “Well, at least he tried to make me a cake.” “Hey, that was an artistic creation,” Temper says to his niece, pretending to be offended. “It came straight…