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June Faver | Exclusive Excerpt: THE BEST COWBOY CHRISTMAS EVER
Author Guest / September 29, 2020

When Derrick picked Genie up at TyTyler’s house, she appeared to be shy. He figured she was embarrassed to be sneaking around when she was a grown woman, but she was living in her father’s house, and he seemed to be less than enthusiastic about the budding relationship. He hoped to be able to show Genie that he was proud to be seen with her and wanted to deepen their ties. “You’re sure you want to keep Angelique tonight?” she asked Leah. “Of course. Go on now. You deserve a night out.” Leah made shooing motions with her hands. When Derrick handed her up into his truck, he assured her that he would bring her back to TyTyler and Leah’s house whenever she wanted. Genie enjoyed the beautiful countryside as they drove toward Langston. The moon was just rising and it cast a glow on the snowy scenery. There must have been a million stars strewn across the night sky, and all of them were twinkling for her pleasure. “Beautiful night,” she said. He glanced at here and reached for her hand, placing it on his thigh. “Not nearly as beautiful as you are tonight.” A flush of warmth filled…