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Christy Carlyle | Interview & Exclusive Excerpt
Author Guest / November 28, 2018

Please welcome bestselling author Christy Carlyle! We have a double feature today: an interview with Christy and an exclusive excerpt from her latest release, A DUKE CHANGES EVERYTHING. Don’t forget to check out the Fresh Fiction review, as well! INTERVIEW FF: Mina and Nick are two really interesting characters! On the one hand, you have Mina, who has a profound sense of duty and loyalty to the ducal estate of Enderley, and on the other, there’s Nick who wants nothing to do with it: the title of Duke of Tremayne, the actual property, and all of the responsibilities that come with being a duke. How did you balance this conflict with their budding romance? CC: Thank you! They were definitely two of my favorite characters I’ve ever written. Balancing that conflict with their romance was really the fun part. I love starting out with a hero and heroine who are truly at odds in terms of their goals. It provides the opportunity to have each of them take small steps toward each other, toward understanding and appreciating each other’s perspective. Not to say that either will change who are they are fundamentally. But when a hero and heroine can expand…