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Audrey Wick | Top 5 Tips for Giving Books as Gifts + Giveaway!
Author Guest / August 6, 2019

Bookworms know that books make great gifts. Reaching out to someone with a story provides a way for them to enjoy the present long after the occasion on which it’s given. But where should you begin? If you’ve ever been tempted to give a book but have hesitated, here are some tips to help. 1)      Time to judge a book by its cover. Cover art is labeled “art” for a reason: it’s an artistic expression that gives a taste of what’s between the covers. The same is true of the book title. So let the cover art and title guide you into choosing a book that matches your recipient’s taste, mood, or the gift-giving occasion. 2)      Look for books with extra content. Whether it’s a novel with a bonus chapter, a special edition, or a book with recipes in the back, extra content gives the recipient one additional reason to love the gift. Read through the full book description online or explore books in a brick-and-mortar store to find the perfect one. 3)      Personalize. Write an inscription in the book, add a handwritten note on nice stationery with a celebratory message, or slip a pretty bookmark inside. It doesn’t take much time to…

Juanita Kees | Meet the Calhoun Siblings
Author Guest / July 23, 2019

Hello dear readers and thank you for joining me on Fresh Fiction. Today I’d like to introduce you to the five siblings at Calhouns Customs Garage. Nurturing this family to life on the page has been an exciting and frustrating journey. They’re a sexy, moody, complicated and daring bunch. Poor dad, Marty, had his hands full raising them. But here they are, all grown up. He has one last parental responsibility as Parkinson’s Disease begins to steal his independence. Ex-Nascar race king, Marty Calhoun, has built a legacy for his family, and now it’s time to round them up and bring them home to claim it.  Each of his five children have hearts in need of overhauling. They all have hard lessons to learn. The one thing Marty wants most is to see his children find happiness and love at Calhoun Customs Garage. Chase Chase stars in book 1, Overdrive. He’s the eldest. This hero had to grow up fast. With five kids under ten and having lost his wife in childbirth, Marty needed help. Chase stepped up to the plate, earning himself the nickname of ‘Mother’. He cares for his siblings, watches over them, and runs the family garage…