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Colette Gale | It’s probably no surprise that I’m a great fan of The Phantom of the Opera (since my first book is an erotic version of that story).
Uncategorized / August 7, 2007

So, when I went to Paris for research last year, part of our itinerary was, of course, a trip to the Opera Garnier, which is the opera theater that figures in the original Phantom of the Opera. I learned a lot about the famous building, as well as some of the legends and facts that surround it and were used (or tweaked) in Leroux’s and Webber’s versions of the story of the Opera Ghost. That’s me, standing in front of the Opera House on a very cold, dreary, yucky day! First of all, the tour was great–it was fabulous to be inside the opera house! And, yes, there is a lake under the building–nothing like the one we see in the movie, but there is a lake there. I guess Gaston Leroux took very appropriate artistic license when he described the Phantom’s underground lair and its lake. It’s really no more than a very large tank–not that I got to see it. That was the disappointment of my tour. We got to see pretty much where the patrons would sit or congregate, but nothing backstage or beneath the stage! In that sense, it was very disappointing. However, the building itself…