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Cindy Dee | Inspiration for the First Female SEALs
Author Guest / June 24, 2019

What inspired me to write about the first female SEALs? It’s actually a multi-part answer: –First and foremost, the #MeToo movement made me want to revisit the idea of women finally breaking through the last all-male bastions left in the U.S. military. There are only a few career fields women haven’t entered yet, and the SEALs are arguably the most visible one of those. –Second, I wanted to put it out there in the universe, for young women who might dream of being a SEAL, that there’s a realistic path to get there, someday. Most people do, in fact, believe that the first female SEALs will come from the Crossfit™ fitness system. The top several women Crossfit athletes in the world meet all the entrance requirements for BUD/S—it’s just that none of them have wanted to be a SEAL, yet. –Third…SEALs! Who doesn’t love a hot, sexy SEAL? And who better to get to know and fall in love with a SEAL than a woman training with him? It’s the fastest and most complete way to get to know an operator—see him in his native environment! –Fourth, it seemed like an awesome battle of the sexes moment to pit a…