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Mimi Jean Pamfiloff | Five Things You Didn’t Know About Vampires
Author Guest / October 26, 2018

Vampires. Mythical creatures or really great at hiding in plain sight? It’s definitely the latter, and though records of them have been around for as long as humans could write, we really know so little about this amazing race. Until now! In my new series, THE LIBRARIAN’S VAMPIRE ASSISANT, we discover what is myth and what is real. And as we dive deeper into Michael Vanderhorst’s (our ancient vampire, who works as an assistant librarian) world in book two, not only will he solve a juicy mystery and come to grips with his feelings for a certain librarian, but he will also reveal more shocking secrets about his kind. For example: 1. Vampires DO walk in the sun. It’s true! SEE PROOF HERE! They just really hate it as they are hypersensitive to the rays and the sun forces their bodies to work overtime, healing their skin. Sunscreen helps a little, but as Michael points out, Arizona—where he lives—is no match for SPF 100! Still, poor guy, keeps having to kill people in order to protect his favorite librarian! (She’s a huge danger magnet.) That means more trips to the desert for a little grave digging. SEE HERE! Now that’s a…