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Victoria Scott | Exclusive Interview
Author Guest / February 5, 2019

Welcome YA Author Victoria Scott! Her Young Adult mystery author, WE TOLD SIX LIES, is in stores today. What is We Told Six Lies about in your own words? It’s a story about eighteen-year-old Cobain Kelly, whose girlfriend goes missing. As Cobain searches for Molly, the police look at him as their primary suspect, and as more of Cobain’s friends and family members start accusing him of hurting her – and he replays the memories of their relationship – Cobain starts wondering if maybe he did do something to Molly. You’ve published eight other books. How difficult was this one to write comparatively? This was by far my most challenging book. It’s told in first, third, and second person. You read that right. A good 25 percent of this book is in second person. There are also time jumps between when Cobain is reliving his relationship with Molly, and the present when he is trying to find her. If that wasn’t enough, there are also location jumps. So yes, a challenging book to be sure. What are some fun facts about We Told Six Lies? Cobain gets his name from Kurt Cobain (name that band!), there are handwritten journal entries…

Victoria Scott | The Last Letter From Dante
Author Guest / May 6, 2014

When I wrote the first book in the Dante Walker trilogy, I had no idea that Dante would speak directly to the reader in the opening pages. It wasn’t until I was done with copyedits and proofing, and ARCs were being prepped, that I had the idea. After all, I’d spoken for Dante entirely in THE COLLECTOR, and Dante Walker is one to speak for himself, whether he wants to be heard or not. So I approached my editor with the thought of including a letter from the soul collector, and she immediately embraced the concept. The next morning, I drafted the first letter from Dante which appeared in the final, printed version of THE COLLECTOR. Readers seemed to love it, and so I drafted a second one for the sequel, THE LIBERATOR. Now, with the release of the final book in the trilogy, THE WARRIOR, I wrote my last letter from Dante. This time, Dante’s words had a sharper edge. He’s been through a lot, after all, and is tired of the attacks on those he’s grown to care about. I hope you enjoy reading this final letter from Dante Walker, and the very first taste of this sexy,…