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Meet the Author – Wendy Davies
MatchMaker / July 9, 2018

Hi, I’m Wendy and I write contemporary, small-town romance stories set in my home state of Victoria, which is down south of mainland Australia. While I grew up in Melbourne, Victoria’s capital city, I’ve travelled my state so many times I’m like a walking, talking tourist information service. Indeed, one of my earliest memories is travelling for long hours crammed into the back seat of our family car along with all my brothers and sisters (I’m the youngest of five children) going off to visit my aunt and uncle’s farm in the northern part of the state. That farm formed the basis for Glendale – my hero, Zach Wentworth’s home. Growing wheat and farming sheep was something my uncle and aunt did on their own property. I used my experience of helping my aunt cook for the shearers, and helping my uncle round up the sheep and fix his harvester as some of the things Zach did on his farm. Not the cooking, that was hard work, but the wood stove we used made it into the first draft of my story. Of course, Bill and Pearl Wentworth are fictional characters. But they’re based on how I remember my own…