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Laura Griffin | Breaking in this New Year: Tips for Aspiring Writers
Uncategorized / January 21, 2009

Are you one of those voracious readers who believes that somewhere, deep down, you have a book inside you? If you are, I’ve got some tips about how to break into the business this year. Tell Laura about one of your favorite childhood reads, and you’ll be eligible to win a free autographed copy of her upcoming release, WHISPER OF WARNING (Pocket Star Books). Comment below or Click Here As Susan Sontag once said, “Writers begin as bewitched readers,” and I know this was certainly the case for me. I can remember combing the dusty bookshelves in my grandmother’s house and making a discovery that would impact my life: a complete collection of Nancy Drew mysteries. What books influenced you as a kid? I love asking book lovers this question, and I’m always amazed by the varied responses. Pre-order WHISPER OF WARNING Copy today Now for those tips I promised. If you follow these suggestions, I can’t guarantee that you’ll land that elusive book deal. But I can guarantee you’ll be several steps closer than you were before: Join a writers group. Surrounding yourself with professional and aspiring authors is a great way to kick your butt into gear. Many…