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N.J. Walters | From a Song to a Series
Author Guest / September 24, 2020

One of the most asked questions any author gets is, “Where do your ideas come from?” My answer is always the same–everywhere. I’ve gotten ideas from magazine articles and television shows, snippets of overheard conversation, ideas that pop into my head just before I go to sleep at night–some authors dream their plots, but I’ve never been that lucky–and music. All I can share are my experiences, but I’ve found that something I see or hear sparks my imagination. For example, I did an online quiz once: Which Carnival Ride Are You? I could have answered without taking the quiz, but I did it and got the answer I’d anticipated–a carousel. Not exactly adventurous. But it got me thinking about the carved animals on these rides. Not all of them are pretty horses. Then I started asking the “what if” questions. What if they were wild and exotic animals? What if they were really trapped immortal warriors, placed there by a curse meant to protect them? And what if there was a way for them to escape? Those questions became the foundation of my Hade’s Carnival series featuring a curse, the devil himself, immortal shapeshifting warriors, betrayal, and redemption. Not…